Temple of Fury Slot Overview

Relax Gaming’s fast expanding progressive jackpot slots now include Temple of Fury Dream Drop from Four Leaf Gaming. We’ll decrease the necessary numbers for Temple of Fury’s non-Dream decrease variant. Temple of Fury has five progressive jackpots with a €3 million top prize, four Fury features, plus Nitro Spins, Super Spinner, and Fortune Coins from Four Leaf Gaming.

Temple of Fury Dream Drop is a fantasy slot about knights and chivalry, so bring your sword and sandals. When playing the jackpot version of Temple of Fury, you’ll want to see the dragon as frequently as possible since it reveals Dream Drop symbols during the Dream Drop Bonus phase. Don’t get ahead of ourselves. The base game of Temple of Fury Dream Drop takes place in a castle-like atmosphere on a 5×3 grid with an additional reel on top, starting locked. Since Temple of Fury Dream Drop has no free spins round, almost the entire game is played here.

The jackpot version of Temple of Fury Dream Drop has an RTP of 94.1%, somewhat higher than typical, while the non-DD variant has 95.21%. Use of additional bits like Nitro Spins changes the RTP, and both games’ game data lists all values. Jackpot chasers should realize that the higher the stake, the higher the possibility of winning, with selections from 10 p/c to £/€100 each spin – up to £/€20 on the non-DD. Jackpots aside, winning potential and volatility are very low, both 1 out of 5.

The fourth row unlocks 178 possibilities to win, compared to 99 with 3 rows. Winning symbols lock in place and give a respin. Respins continue if the victory improves. The ultimate reward is given when the win cannot be improved. For low-value symbols, Temple of Fury Dream Drop uses J-A card ranks, then four heraldic emblems of a dog (or wolf?), deer, lion, and dragon as high-payers. Hitting a 5 OAK combination provides 1-1.2x royals and 2-10x highs. Finally, the wild fiery W symbol replaces all others.

Temple of Fury Dream Drop slot features

In Dream Drop, the five progressive jackpots are the major event. Fury, Fortune Coins, Super Spinner, and Nitro Spins are further goodies to watch out for.

Fury Features

Each spin can randomly trigger 4 Fury features:

Extra Row—unlock an extra row at the top of the grid for more chances to win.

Wilds that land on the grid extend to cover the reel.

Symbol Upgrade: One of the four low-pay symbols is randomly selected and all reel occurrences are upgraded to the high-pay symbol.

additional Life—an additional spin after no more winning symbols.

Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins hit randomly over low-pay symbols and are collected. Coins can purchase or lower bonus feature prices. They may be used in any Four Leaf Gaming games.

A Super Spinner

When Fortune Coin overlays are accumulated, Super Spinners may activate. Bet changes update coins acquired relative to bet. When activated, the Super Spinner awards 5, 10, 15, or 25 Nitro Spins or 60x to 500x the stake in cash. 500 coins trigger the Super Spinner.

Nitro Spins

Nitro Spins ensure at least one feature every spin, gather coins more often, and activate the Super Spinner more often. Nitro Spins cost 4 coins or 50% more.

Dream Drop

Dream Drop Jackpot Spins may occur sporadically before normal spins. Only DD symbols can land on a 5×3 grid in one spin. If 5 hit, players enter the Dream Drop Bonus. Dream Drop Bonus contains 5 reels, one for each jackpot. Dream Drop symbols appear when the dragon randomly burns crates on the grid. Jackpots are awarded when Dream Drop symbols fill the first reel. This might be the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, or Mega, starting at €1, €5, €100, €25,000, or €500,000.

Temple of Fury Dream Drop Slot Results

Four Leaf Gaming earlier produced Dueling Jokers Dream Drop, which is very different from this game. This fantasy hack-and-slash has a fire-breathing dragon, unlike the 1970s dance party. Dream Drop games and slots are diversified, and Four Leaf Gaming has done something unusual.

While Four Leaf Gaming has helped diversify the Dream Drop industry, Temple of Fury Dream Drop’s advantages are mostly minor. Otherwise, the game struggled to start a campfire, let alone a dragon fire. Sticky victory respins slow down gameplay, and the four Fury Features can grow repetitious with no apparent goal. Other than the Dream Drop, certain keyboard knights may be content to fight. Non-jackpot top rewards aren’t spectacular, but the Super Spinner delivers 500x, or the dragon premium fills the grid and awards 1,780x.

They weren’t the worst outcomes, but Temple of Fury seemed lightweight when compared to other options. Beyond playing progressive jackpots in a fantasy setting, Temple of Fury was hard to get excited about, especially the non-jackpot variant.






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